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Welcome to My Horse Club

This is a unique virtual sanctuary where self discovery meets horsemanship. 

We're not just a club; we're a family. 

Hear From Our Community Members

Chrissy: PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Mentor, Program Director at Haku Baldwin Center Maui, HI 

"I can see these methods changing the lives of so many program horses and their humans in the adaptive side of our industry. This is big."

Cara: LMFT, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, Owner: Somatic Therapy Of Marin

"If you want more freedom and more joy in your equine work, I would enthusiastically tell you to check out this program and receive all of the gifts of this work."

Laura: LCSW, Counseling Therapist, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, CEO: Discovery With Horses

"This 'Journey' is a horsemanship/humanship program that is like no other!! This is not your ordinary horsemanship experience, it's a beautiful journey of self-discovery for both horse and human." 

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Discover What Awaits You Inside:

Master Classical Principles and Effective Techniques in Equine Attunement

Monthly Live Training – Never Stop Learning!

  • Dive into a new all-levels MasterClass every month
  • Join live for interactive sessions or catch up with convenient replays.
  • Engage directly with through live Q&A sessions.
  • Explore innovative topics in equine attunement and holistic horsemanship.
  • Accrue valuable PATH Intl. CEU credits with our accredited content.

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  • Can't make it to a live class? We've got you covered.
  • Revisit and enjoy your favorite sessions anytime, around the clock.

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  • Stream MasterClasses seamlessly on your device.
  • Enjoy full compatibility with Apple and Android.
  • Perfect for learning during commutes or while tending to your horse.
  • Never lose your spot – the app saves your progress automatically!

Earn Your PATH Intl. CEUs with Ease!

  • Instantly access a wide range of PATH Intl. approved CEUs.
  • Several CEU's currently available, more approvals coming in soon!
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Join the Private Community!

  • Connect with others who share your passion for holistic horsemanship.
  • Our members-only community offers a peaceful escape from public social media.
  • Experience focused learning and interaction in an ad-free, serene environment.

Enjoy Fun, Focused Challenges for Learning!

  • Dive into short, actionable trainings with our challenge format.
  • Discover the popular 'Journey Journal 7-Day Challenge.'
  • Experience the '3-Day Attunement with BodyWork Challenge.'
  • Explore our latest 'Mindfulness Challenge.'
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to go at your own pace.

Horse Club Book Club!

  • Connect with your community in our book club.
  • Delve into significant books from an equine attunement viewpoint.
  • Receive custom, horse-themed PDF prompts for deeper insights.
  • Participate in monthly meet ups, with replays available.
  • Enjoy a private discussion forum exclusively for book club members.
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Is 'My Horse Club' the Right Fit for You?

  • You'd like to find a supportive community around your passion for horses
  • You view horses as partners, not tools.
  • Seeking professional training credits? We offer PATH CEUs.
  • Struggling to blend healing practices with horsemanship?
  • Groundwork enthusiast but need guidance?
  • Interested in mindfulness to manage stress and anxiety?
  • Eager for authentic personal growth.
  • Keen to learn horse bodywork techniques.
  • Looking for science-backed horse connection methods.
  • Curious about forming deep connections with horses?

If these resonate with you, you've found your community!

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Curious about our membership pricing? Here's what you should know:

Our mission transcends traditional membership models. We're trailblazing a transformative movement in horsemanship, where personal growth intertwines with equine advocacy, all through the lens of relational attunement.

Our offerings go beyond mere education; they are crafted to be transformative and life-altering.

We recognize the scarcity of communities that echo these profound values in the equine world. That's where we step in.

Inclusivity is at the heart of our mission. We're extending an invitation to you – to join us on this remarkable journey.

We believe in making this movement accessible. That's why joining us is more affordable than you might think – a full month membership costs less than one trip to a fancy coffee shop!

It's as simple – and as significant – as that.

Excited to welcome you into our community!

My Horse Club


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Hear From Our Members

"The best outcome? I have the will to thrive in life, not just survive each day!"

It was an epiphany that the techniques I learned to make me a herd leader with horses instantly transferred to my life as a whole. It was a shocking realization that the calm, firm boundaries I set made me a better professor, better parent and motivated me to organize my household and my professional life. Who knew! I have re-awakened the former me that had confidence and efficacy in the world.

 Rebecca Walker-Sand, PhD, Professor of Psychology

"This has guided me to realize I am capable of so much more than I often tell myself."

I feel like I have found the mentors and partnership I have been seeking forever to help guide my love and passion for horses. This truly is a soul journey! 

I have so much gratitude and awe for you sharing your profound wisdom and experience with such grace and generosity.

Barb Cass -Cofounder of Parent-Coach Professionals

🌟 Join Now - Only $9/Month! Limited Time Launch Offer
🌟 Join Now - Only $9/Month! Limited Time Launch Offer

Explore a World of Equine Learning:

What Topics Do We Cover??

"Great masterclass yesterday! I am grateful for all the time and energy you two put into those classes. It's super helpful and informative for me!" -Darryl

Dive into a diverse range of MasterClasses! Here's a glimpse (but not all) of what you'll unlock instantly:

'Overcoming Anxiety Around Horses'

Discover cutting-edge techniques linking equine behavior with human and horse nervous systems. Dive into practical, innovative mindfulness and breath-work practices that redefine how to overcome anxiety and deeply connect with horses.

'The Art of Feel'

Dive into 'The Art of Feel', one of our most sought-after classes, to unravel the mysteries of this vital yet elusive equestrian skill. Gain deep insights into the relational principles that form the foundation of 'feel,' and acquire practical knowledge on effectively using aids and bits for a more refined and responsive connection with the horse.

'Attunement Through BodyWork'

Become your horse's best friend through the power of equine bodywork. This class teaches you vital non-verbal communication skills and heart coherence techniques, unlocking deeper bonds through touch and understanding.

'Embodied Equitation'

Dive into 'The Space Between' to uncover the magic and mystery in the unseen connections with horses. This class explores fascinating principles and practical methods to enhance your bond and understanding of horses, focusing on the profound moments in between.

'Groundwork as a Tool for Connection'

Unlock amazing connections with your horse through groundwork. In this key class, learn hands-on methods and thoughtful strategies for building trust and partnership on the ground.

'The Space Between'

So much of the magic, mystery, and connection between horses exists in 'the space between'. Lets expore this facinating principles, and practical ways you can use it to improve your connectdion to horses. 

'Understanding Horses: Language and Culture'

Unlock the secrets of equine communication in 'Understanding Horses: Language and Culture.' This class offers a deep dive into the unique language and cultural nuances of horses, revealing the immense potential for connection when you truly understand their perspective.

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📚 Deepen Your Connection with Horse Club Book Club!

Immerse yourself in the Horse Club Book Club to expand your horsemanship knowledge.

Join lively discussions in our exclusive community and participate in our monthly live gatherings.

Explore unique viewpoints on forming deeper bonds with horses, enriched by our tailored book summaries and stimulating discussion prompts!

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Unleash Your Potential with Inspiring  Challenges!

Step into a world of engaging, skill-building challenges designed for equestrians!

Each of our carefully crafted challenges offers concise, effective training experiences to enhance your horsemanship.

Here are two examples available now, the best part is we will continue adding to these in the future!

Journaling Challenge

Our popular 7-day journaling challenge is available 24-7, but even better with community!


BodyWork Challenge

Join the 3 day Attunement through BodyWork Challenge anytime! Questions, post in the community! 


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Join Our Private Horse Community

A Space for Genuine Connection and Learning

Step into our private community and join hearts with fellow holistic horsemanship devotees.

Our members-only forum is your serene escape from the noise of public social media, offering a focused, ad-free space for learning and interaction.

Here, you'll find meaningful conversations and support, all in an environment that celebrates and nurtures your passion for horses and their care.

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Feedback From Our Members

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My Horse Club


You are free to cancel anytime

Regular Price: $47

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  • Monthly Live MasterClass Invite 
  • 24/7 MasterClass Library Access 
  • Mobile App for On-the-Go Learning
  • Exclusive Community Membership 
  • Earn PATH Intl. CEUs 
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Hi there, Victoria & Josh Here!

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

At My Horse Journey, we believe horses open doors to greater joy and deeper connections. Embracing the art, science, and mysticism of horsemanship, our goal is to guide you to moments of profound realization and deeper bonds with horses.

Our Journey Together:
  • A Lifetime of Learning: Combined, we've spent over 50 years diving deep into horsemanship, bodywork, and mindfulness. It’s been a journey of constant learning and refining what we know and how we teach.
  • 70,000 Hours and Counting: That's how long we've spent teaching people and horses.
Our Story

My Horse Journey emerged from our own transformative life experiences, including overcoming enormous challenges and living off grid with our free-ranging herd. These experiences brought us to a pivotal realization: attunement with horses is intertwined with personal growth and self discovery.

Your Guides on This Journey:
  • Victoria: Bringing 25 years of professional experience, including an apprenticeship in a world champion reined/cow horse program, Victoria has not only trained and ridden national and world champions but also has a wealth of experience in horsemanship instruction, and equine therapy co-facilitation.Currently, she is expanding her horizons by studying for a Masters in Social Work at Portland State University.

  • Josh: With over 25 years of mindfulness teaching, professional bodywork, and expertise in Kinesiology, Biomechanics, and Exercise Science, he has crafted a unique approach to Equine BodyWork and mindfulness trainings for equestrians. When not working in My Horse Journey, you can find Josh pursuing his passion of Indian Classical Music. 

We're huge fans of epic tales and adventures – think Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Spiderman. These stories, where heroes 'Answer the Calling' to embark on journeys of self-discovery and unearth deep truths from within, resonate, and mirror the transformative journeys we facilitate in our programs.  We believe every student is the hero of their own story, uncovering truths and growing along the way!

Join Us on This Adventure

We can't wait to be a part of your journey with horses.

 ‘May the Horse be with You!’

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