$300.00 USD

Cancellation Policy

  • Full refunds must be requested 2 weeks prior to your scheduled Wellness Day.  
  • 50% refunds must be requested 1 weeks prior to scheduled Wellness Day.
  • ​$25 deposit on wellness day is non-refundable, but can be applied to other wellness days. 
  • All refunds must be in writing and submitted via email. 
  • If you cannot attend a Wellness Day after the refund period, you can opt to register for another Wellness Day within three months OR find someone to take your place. These situations must be requested and approved via email. 
  • Please understand that injury & illness do not automatically disqualify you from our cancellation policy. Considerations are given for family or personal emergencies and are evaluated one case at a time. 
  • We have the right to cancel programs with inadequate enrollment.  In this case, all monies will be fully refunded.
  • We have the right to host at a different facility within the region. 

Wellness With Horses Day

Payment Details

  • Single, One-Time Payment. 🙏🏼
  • Payment will be deducted from your Credit Card or Paypal account automatically and you'll be emailed a receipt from either Stripe, Paypal, Apple, or Google Pay.

What's Included:

  • 🐴 Wellness Day at the Journey Ranch in Madras, OR
  • 🐴 Safe Guided Activities with Victoria/Josh Williams
  • 🐴 Experiential Hands On Time With Horses 
  • 🐴 Group Circle DIscussions
  • 🐴 Introspective Journaling and Processing Time
  • 🐴 Group Mindfulness Practices & Calming Breathwork

What Happens Next?

After you enter your payment details, you'll be taken to a thank you page with further instructions.  You'll ALSO get an email with instructions!

  1. You will get all the essential info you'll need
  2. You'll have our contact information for any questions you may have

Thank You! We are so excited to have you join this Wellness Day!

What People Are Saying:

I can these methods changing the lives of so many program horses and their humans in our industry, this is big!

Chrissy Stout, PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Mentor, Program Director at Haku Baldwin Center Maui, HI

If you want more freedom and more joy in your equine work, I would enthusiastically tell you to check out this program and receive all of the gifts of this work.

Cara Gerau, LMFT, Somatic Therapist, Owner: Somatic Therapy of Marin

I feel like I have found the mentors and partnership I have been seeking forever to help guide my love and passion for horses

Barb Cass, Owner Parent-Coach Professionals