Guest Podcast: Jacob Holmer

Jul 06, 2023

We are over the moon to welcome back our first ‘Guest Series’ guest, Jacob Holmer! At the time of this writing, he is coming to our Madras OR ranch to facilitate an ‘Equine Assisted Embodiment’ retreat [July 28-30th 2023], and this discussion is previewing the intentions and topics of that retreat. 

Jacob explores the powerful intersection of Yoga, Horsemanship, & embodiment with us in this podcast, drawing from his extensive yogic training and time with horses, including currently studying under Dominique and Deborah Barbier at the esteemed Barbier Farms in Healdsburg, CA with assistant trainer Lauren Shultz! (for the non horsey folks, that is a BIG deal!)

Embodiment is a practice that bridges the gap between theory and action, allowing us to integrate teachings into our bodies and daily lives. Through the exploration of the power of embodiment, the intersection of yoga and horsemanship, and the transformative potential they hold, we embark on a journey of awareness, connection, and growth. By embracing authenticity, harnessing energy, shifting perspectives, and cultivating attitudes of playfulness and curiosity, we open ourselves to profound experiences, deeper connections, and the continuous evolution of ourselves and our equine companions.

As we navigate this journey, let us remember that embodiment is not a destination but a lifelong practice—a dance of awareness, presence, and integration. Through the transformative power of embodiment, we tap into the wisdom of our bodies, the harmony of connection, and the beauty of conscious living. Join us as we embark on this path of exploration with Jacob Holmer, forging deeper connections with ourselves, our equine partners, and the world around us.