Guest Podcast: Jim Masterson

Oct 13, 2023

🎙️ Guest Session: Jim Masterson 🐴🧘‍♂️


Welcome to an enlightening episode of The Herd is Calling! 🌟 In this captivating conversation, Victoria and Josh dive deep into the world of equine bodywork with the extraordinary Jim Masterson, renowned equine massage therapist. 🐎

 It was such an honor and privilege to get to speak with one of the pioneering legends of equine bodywork, Mr Jim Masterson! When I first ventured in equine bodywork nearly 15 years ago in an attempt to impress this lovely horse trainer I had recently met (Victoria and Josh's origin story 😄) I got a copy of Jim's book, 'Beyond Horse Massage' at Barnes and Noble. Jim's insights into reading horse behavior through subtle touch and observation are exactly what the horse world needs, and I can only imagine the profound impact and ripple effect his work has had on thousands upon thousands across the world!

(We use AI to help us summarize these podcasts, so if the writing seems a little different, that is why! It is based 100% on the transcript of our call and is original due to that, enjoy the show!)

👣 Journey to Equine Bodywork:

Jim shares his incredible journey into the world of equine bodywork, driven by his keen observations of subtle changes in horse behavior during therapeutic sessions. His experiences with a chiropractor and witnessing therapists use the bladder meridian technique are awe-inspiring. 🐾


🤞 Patience and Observation:

Jim highlights the importance of patience and keen observation in working with horses. He believes that horses often hold tension due to self-preservation instincts, and it can be released with the right approach. 🕰️


🐴 Horse's Natural Inclinations:

Discover the significance of aligning with a horse's natural inclinations and allowing them time to process and respond to information. 🔄


🙌 Collaboration in the Horse World:

Jim delves into the power of collaboration and shares experiences from working with the horse training legend, Mark Rashid. Learn about finding common ground and improving horse well-being through collaboration. 🤝


🤼‍♂️ Competition vs. Open-mindedness:

Victoria and Josh explore the concept of competition and the need to release the need to be right when working with horses. Embrace various possibilities and remain open to a range of techniques and methods. 🤔


🎥 Impactful Documentary:

Victoria reflects on the profound impact of a documentary featuring Jim and Mark Rashid, where they worked with horses without expectations, revealing a new way of relating to these majestic creatures. 🎬


🔵 Bladder Meridian Technique:

Jim unveils the simple yet effective Bladder Meridian technique for horse bodywork. Discover how it enhances the horse-human connection. 🐎


🪞 Mirroring Between Horses and People:

Explore the intriguing concept of mirroring between horses and humans, connecting the physical and emotional states of both. 🐎🧘‍♂️


💆‍♀️ Healing Environment:

Learn about creating a healing environment for therapists and individuals working with horses. Authenticity, presence, and simple equine bodywork techniques, like the bladder meridian, are key elements. 🌿


🤝 Reciprocal Healing:

Discover the importance of helping the horse and person reciprocally in equine therapy. 🔄


🏋️‍♀️ Mindful Groundwork and Bodywork:

Emphasizing the significance of mindful groundwork and bodywork for horses in therapeutic settings, ensuring engagement and responsiveness. 🐎


🤗 Relational Aspect:

Explore the pivotal role of the relational aspect between humans and horses in equine-assisted services and therapeutic work. 🤝


⏰ Slow and Gentle Bodywork:

Jim shares the wisdom that "you can't go too deep; you can only go too fast" in horse bodywork. Timing and pressure are crucial. 🌬️


🤫 Subtle Cues:

Recognizing a horse's subtle cues is vital for understanding their needs and deepening the connection. 🐴


🦄 Performance and Connection:

Jim's journey from show jumping to teaching and the delicate balance between performance and connection in the equestrian world. 🏇


🙏 Mindfulness and Silence:

The role of mindfulness and silence in Jim's equine work, influenced by transcendental meditation. 🧘‍♂️


🏡 Life in Fairfield:

Jim gives a glimpse of his life in Fairfield, Iowa, highlighting the appeal of small-town living and the benefits of meditation. 🌆


🌟 Join us in this inspiring exploration of equine therapy, connection, and the power of mindfulness with the remarkable Jim Masterson. 🎧


Thanks for listening to our podcast, ‘The Herd is Calling’ - Where Insights Meet Innovation! 🌠