Guest Podcast: Rebecca Walker-Sands Phd

Jan 19, 2023

We are honored and thrilled to feature the wondrous Rebecca Walker-Sands to the Podcast today.

Rebecca is renowned professor, who has a Masters of Science degree and PhD with a defining thread involving animal behavior! She has worked in research settings with sheep, wolves, chimps, & voles among other non-human animals. She is a decorated academic having won many prestigious awards, and is a popular and highly regarded keynote speaker.

In this conversation, we explore Rebecca's personal horse journey from childhood to the present moment. We discuss the lessons learned from a year of loss and grief, such as the power of self forgiveness and compassion. She discusses horses through the lessons she's learned from a lifetime studying animal behavior at a very high level, including non-verbal communication, coregulation, and polyvagal theory. She discusses the valuable lessons horses can teach humanity, as well as how horses have helped her be a better professor!

We hope this is part 1 of several podcasts with Rebecca Walker-Sands, it's a privilege to share a bit of her genius with you all.