From Hollywood to Cowgirl, Guided by Curiosity and Collaboration

Jan 24, 2023

It is a great honor to present Cherie Appleby on this podcast episode. Cherie is a film and video producer, owner of Ghost Rock Ranch, and the nonprofit Helping Hooves in Bend, Or. She shares her early inspirations watching her dad as a western actor in Hollywood, to following her own dreams of being a cowgirl and ranch owner. She shares how the principles of curiosity and collaboration guide her presently. Cherie teaches us some of the things she has learned about the healing power of horses in her work with cancer patients, military veterans, and in drug/alcohol recovery settings. Community is another powerful theme in Cherie's story.  Cherie has a heart as big as the horses she loves, and I hope you are as inspired by hearing some of her story, and her wisdom, as we are. 

Reach Cherie here: