🎙️Guest Podcast: Dana & Krisanna, Rescued Hearts Film

Oct 29, 2023

🎙️Join the visionary filmmakers behind the ‘Rescued Hearts’ documentary, Dana Croschere and Krisanna Sexton as we explore 'The Miracle, Mystery, and Science of Healing with Horses' 🐴💖

Discover A New Era of Healing, With Horses! 

Welcome to this special episode, where we embark on a transformative journey of healing, growth, and authenticity with the filmmakers & producers of Rescued Hearts films, Dana Croschere & Krisanna Sexton. 🐴💖

In this empowering show, we hear incredible stories of individuals who have harnessed the profound healing power of horses. 🌟🐎

Join us as we dive deep into the world of equine therapy, unveiling the powerful bond between horses and humans, and how it leads to remarkable personal growth. 🌈

Discover the secrets of forging authentic connections with the horse, learning to listen not only with your ears but with your heart. 🗣️👂

Explore the nuances of equity and inclusion issues in the equine healing space. 

Nature's magic comes to life as we explore how horses act as conduits for emotional and spiritual transformation, bringing you closer to the essence of healing. 🌿🌎

Bridging the gap between humans and horses, our guests illuminate the path to a more enriched, inspired, and profound existence. ❤️🌉

Dana and Krisanna open the doors and welcome you to be a part of this movement of hope and healing, because in the presence of horses, lives are forever changed. 🌍💪

Tune in now and experience the new era of profound healing power of horses. It's time to let your heart be rescued. 💓🐴 🎧

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