Guest Podcast: Melissa Jean, PT

Aug 02, 2023

🎙️ We have a can't miss podcast up this week for you all! Melissa Jean discusses the healing power of horses through her unique lens of hippotherapy (physical therapy paired with horses). She is an extraordinarily experienced and gifted at her career, and is trailblazing and pioneering new and innovative ways for her industry and beyond! Join us as we:

🐴 Unravel secrets of healing with horses

🐴How she is helping horses through advocacy in the equine assisted therapy industries.

🐴 Learn how entrainment and attunement unlocks healing energy
🐴 Discover physical benefits of riding horses
🐴 Explore trauma informed care and neurodiversity
🐴 See how Melissa is navigating challenges and creating serious impact in her professional organization and BEYOND!!

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