🎙️Guest Podcast: Tara Coyote

Oct 22, 2023

Join us for a journey of grace, grit, and gratitude. 🌟

🌺 Discover the remarkable story of Tara Coyote, a life coach, equine instructor, and bestselling author from Kauai, Hawaii. 🏝️

In this incredible episode, journey with us into the transformative world of Healing with Horses and Self-Discovery. Tara Coyote takes us on an emotional and inspirational ride as she shares her remarkable story, her connection with horses, and the profound lessons she's learned along the way.

Throughout this show, Tara Coyote's insights, experiences, and profound connection with horses serve as an inspirational guide to those interested in the remarkable healing power of horses. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of grief, and uncover the keys to self-love and gratitude. 

If you've ever wondered about the incredible connection between humans and horses, Tara Coyote's story is bound to captivate your heart. In this video, we're diving into the world of equine therapy, life coaching, and the incredible healing power of the horse.

💔 Grief, Emotions, and Rituals: Explore the mysteries of grief, delve into the messages behind emotions, and learn about powerful grief rituals 

🦄 Connecting with Horses

Uncover the unique bond between humans and horses, the art of self-love and gratitude, and how horses can heal us.

🐴 Horses and Intelligence

Celebrate the deep wisdom of these magnificent creatures and the mysteries of their existence. 

About Tara:

Tara Coyote is a life Coach, Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor, Grief facilitator, Stage IV BC Thriver and best-selling Author of Grace, Grit & Gratitude: A Cancer Thriver’s Journey from Hospice to Full Recovery with the Healing Power of Horses and her latest children’s book ‘Comanche the Wild Mustang’.  Tara has been sharing her journey with cancer for almost 7 years, through her various social media pages. She aims to find joy in adversity, even with her dance with cancer. She is the founder of Wind Horse Sanctuary in Kaua’i, Hawaii and a certified Eponaquest ‘Equine Facilitated Learning’ instructor, life coach, workshop leader, writer and dancer. Tara is grateful to be alive and lives with two horses, one dog and a  cat on her beloved tropical island! 

Enjoy this heartfelt and inspiring episode with Tara Coyote. 🙏🐴✨

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