Guest Podcast: Ty Yazzie

Feb 10, 2023

It is a privilege to feature Ty Yazzie on this podcast, this interview left a lasting impression on Victoria and myself and we hope to feature Ty, and other native and indigenous voices more in the future. Look for part two of Ty's podcast next week.

Ty Yazzie is a Navajo horseman and rancher who currently lives in Powell Butte Oregon as owner of C Bar C Ranch. He raises Red Angus/Hereford Beef, Navajo Churro Sheep, and Angora Goats. He also breeds and works with horses, and helps people develop relationships and work through problems they are having with their horses. This video represents part 1 of 2 of a powerful discussion we had the privilege of having with Ty at our home studio.  

Ty discusses his perspectives of native and indigenous based horsemanship, and why he doesn't consider himself a 'horse-trainer'. He shares how he establishes a higher level of connectivity and communication with horses. We talk about the power of intention and the importance of trust and accountability between humans and horses.

This podcast became a masterclass in boundaries and forgiveness! He also shares a little about his upbringing on the Navajo reservation and working with wild horses around his grandma's ranch, and his horsemanship mentorship with 'Grandpa Sam'. He details what's wrong with desensitization in his views, and a whole lot more.

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