Guest Podcast: Ty Yazzie pt. 2 of 2

Feb 16, 2023

Ty Yazzie is a Navajo horseman and rancher who currently lives in Powell Butte Oregon as owner of C Bar C Ranch. He raises Red Angus/Hereford Beef, Navajo Churro Sheep, and Angora Goats. He also breeds and works with horses, and helps people develop relationships and work through problems they are having with their horses.

This video represents part 2 of 2 of a powerful discussion we had the privilege of having with Ty at our home studio.  

Ty discusses his perspectives on intuition as connectivity, the importance of community/clan/herd, wisdom from his elders, the importance of the lost rights of passage and ideas for a native youth program, understanding horses through observing the dance of body language, and the 3 things he believes horses can teach humans (and a lot more!).

We were truly blown away by Ty's wisdom and are very grateful to be able to learn from him, and share his wisdom with all of you.

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