Guest Podcast: Laura Forest

Jan 12, 2023

This is a special podcast today, featuring Laura Forrest.

She is a horsewoman, counselor, LCSW, and highly experienced in Equine Experiential Therapy!

In this podcast, she shares what a typical day in the life looks like for her now, her original motivations for connecting with horses, and some of the events that led her to where she is now. We explore some powerful, and deeply moving themes, such as staying true to yourself through making difficult decisions, manifesting your authentic dream life, the power of gratitude, her interpretation of tears, personal realizations in equine therapy settings, how horses have made her a better therapist, and so much more!

Laura life is truly dedicated in service to other, and her story is full of richness, courageousness, vulnerability, and authenticity. She is extremely well qualified to shine a light on the healing power of horses, and does so beautifully in this podcast.

We hope to bring Laura back for future episodes where she can share about her experiences riding horses in Patagonia and Mongolia! We will also dive deeper into the fascinating field of equine experiential therapy.

We hope this is as meaningful for you to hear as it was for us! 

To reach Laura, and receive notifications of her upcoming workshops in Equine Experiential Therapy visit her website: