The Doer, the Seer, and Setting Yourself Free!

Mar 09, 2023

Hard Pill to Swallow: When you want help with a problem, but are already sure WHY you are having that problem, the chance of getting results is pretty much zero. 

  • “My horse doesn’t like to be caught because she’s naughty.”
  • “My horse won’t trailer load because they are  lazy and want to stay home.”
  • “He won’t pick up the right lead because his shoulder is tight.”


If I had a dollar every time someone came to us for help to solve a problem, but already knew the exact cause of that problem, it would pay for a year's worth of hay!

I get it! You want to get to the bottom of it, you spend a lot of time watching your horse,  you probably know your horse better than anyone.


So… your horse is doing something that you wish they weren’t doing, your inner voice starts going through your rolodex of observations and beliefs. 

 You form a belief that makes sense, but what you try doesn’t work. 

You might take it personal, like most do. 

It hits a chord, now your horse is being naughty, or you think you suck as a horse person…..

You feel bad about yourself or your horse, the behavior stays the same,  or it even gets worse.  


Sound familiar?  Let’s try a different strategy!


We believe the wisdom of a powerful quote from the great Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki:

“In the beginner's mind are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”

This idea will set you FREE

It opens a whole new world of possibilities

Another big secret: This opens the doors to seeing horses through the horses eye

Like a lot of the deepest secrets with horses, it sounds kind of easy…..

But in action, not so easy. It’s also a genuine superpower


Horse whisperers don’t whisper, they don’t say anything, the see and LISTEN...

But they see things the way horses do, so they connect easily, and always know what to do. It’s why their timing looks so intuitive.  


Here are two principles to consider to see the world through your horse's eye. 


The first is the concept of the DOER. Are you the Expert, looking for what to DO.  Usually, it’s the role humans take around horses; when you are having an issue with your horse you’ll immediately look for a SOLUTION, or a FIX.


Notice your automated assumptions kicking in.

Ask yourself, ‘do I know for sure that is true?’

‘Is it even remotely possible something else is true?’


The 2nd principle is that of the seer, the watcher, the one who is open to possibilities.  

The beginner's mind Shunryu Suzuki was talking about.  How?

Quiet your mind, slow your breath, and just observe the environment.  Silently and with soft eyes.  Try to feel your horse.  


Woo Woo meets science moment here:

Horses have a measurable field around their hearts, it has the power to sync our own heart rhythm into a coherent (calm and peaceful) pattern.  

It extends 50 feet!  We call it a Horse-field. It is why it is so awesome to be close to horses.  

But first we have to be calm and observant ourselves.  It’s a subtle craft.


Be Still and know your horse.  I promise they will look at you differently.  Kind of like “hey there you are, what took you so long?” kinda vibe.  


Our thesis is that Mindfulness and Horsemanship belong together, and that personal growth is the key that unlocks connection with horses.  


There are a lot of ways to get that experience. One of them is the concept of Beginner's Mind.

The only thing better than tapping into the good ol 'Here and Now with your horse, is being in a community of people that are trying to do the same thing.

It's WHY we created My Horse Journey to be community first, mission driven, and horse centric.